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New Student Registration Link

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New Student Registration

Tue, Aug. 2nd – Thur, Aug. 4th – BY APPOINTMENT ONLY – Call 634-1967 option 3 (this registration is for new students to Washington County School District – and those students transferring to SCHS from Dixie, Crimson Cliffs, PineView, Desert Hills, Hurricane High, Enterprise High and Water Canyon Schools.


Class Fees:  May be paid at SCHS during registration (Aug 8th, 9th & 10th). or Online using our online payment system starting August 2nd. This is accessed through your parent or student Powerschool Account.  

Fees cannot be paid at the School prior to Aug 8th. Please use the online payment system if you’d like to pay early and hopefully avoid the long lines at the finance office during registration. Please don’t pay until class changes are complete.


For more instructions on the online payment system go to: https://schs.washk12.org/finance/

Senior Parking info:

There are a limited number of Senior parking spots available. It is first come first serve and there is no guarantee of getting a spot. Below are all the steps needed to buy a SR parking space and info you need.

  • Only Senior can buy a parking space
  • Only one spot per student
  • Only the student that will park in the parking space may purchase one
  • Pay senior parking Aug 2nd with your school fees
  • Request your spot Aug 4th. Go here: https://parking.washk12.org/student (see full instructions below)
  • When choosing your spot you can have a name up to 10 characters. If you wish to do any other customization you must get prior approval from jamie.kreyling@washk12.org and will be subject to an additional fee of $5 – $20 (depending upon the amount of customization)

These steps are best done on a desktop computer. Make sure you are logged out of all google accounts except your google school account before doing these steps.

  1. Pay for fees and parking by logging into the parent portal on PowerSchool at: https://powerschool.washk12.org/public/. This is a new payment system and you will want to review the instructions here, https://schs.washk12.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/99/2021/04/Online-Fee-Instructions-Intouch-1.pdf
  2. After you pay for parking, write down your invoice number. You will need it to request which spot you want. 
  3. Go here: https://parking.washk12.org/student to see a parking map and choose the spot you want. Click the “sign in with google” button and use your school email to sign in. This does not guarantee that this is the exact spot you will get but mostly likely it will be. 
  4. Spot names will be painted on your space by Aug 14th. If you want to customize around your name or your spot email: jamie.kreyling@washk12.org after Aug 16th. DO NOT do any customization before getting approval and make the additional payment.

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Creating a Student-Centered Community Focused on Learning, Growth, and Excellence for ALL.

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