Student Government



Student Body Officers

President: Erin Gunn
Assemblies: Justin Thornley
Activities: Jaiden Jensen
Women’s Rep: Emma Miller
Men’s Rep: Jake Johnson
Publicity: Adeline Ashton
Secretary/Hist: Alexis NeeSmith
Artist: Estefany Anya
Tech Specialist: Camryn Sutterfield
Cheer Rep: Alyvia Hansen

Senior Class
President: Gracie Newby
Secretary: Breckyn Atkinson
Publicity: Ruth Sumner
Men’s Rep: Isaac Anderson
Women’s Rep: Brooklyn Reid
Activities/Assem: Ethan Anderson

Junior Class
President: Gwyneth Lamoreaux
Secretary: Tanner Wakefield
Publicity: Macey Mehr
Men’s Rep: Bryce Christiansen
Women’s Rep: Sarah Jane Miller
Activities/Assem: Breckyn Johnson

Sophomore Class
President: Caden Morris
Secretary: Allie Lemmon
Publicity: Piper Reid
Men’s Rep: Spender Gunn
Women’s Rep: Ashlie Anderson
Activities/Assem: Mariposa Purdy


Election Info

Results page for the 2022-2023 elections

Attention all Juniors:

If you are interested in serving on Exec council for 2022 – 2023 download the election packet below (coming soon). Email with any questions. All election information is due by Feb 11th, 2022

Choose from the following positions:

  • Student Body President
  • Secretary
  • Activities
  • Assemblies
  • Cinematographer
  • People’s Rep
  • Publicity

Those wanting to run for a SO, JR or SR class office, those packets are due Feb 24th.

We’re also looking for two creative, artistic, tech savvy and responsible juniors to serve as Exec Council Artist and Tech Specialist for next school year. See the artist/tech packet below. Portfolios will be due March 21st and the selections will be announced on this page on March 23rd.


Exec Election Information for the 2022 – 2023

  • Exec Election Packet and information – Click to download (coming soon)
    * All paperwork due Feb 11th
    * Video due Feb 15th
    * Primary (if needed) Feb 15th – 16th
    * Election Day Feb 22nd – 23rd

Artist and Tech Rep Information for the 2022 – 2023:

  • Artist and Tech Application – Click to download (coming soon)

    * Application Due March 21st

Class Election Information for the 2022 – 2023:

  • Class Election Packet and information – Click to download (coming soon)
    * All paperwork due Feb 24th
    * Video due March 1st
    * Primary (if needed) March 1st – 2nd 
    *Election Day March  9th – 10th

Downloadable Elections Documents (coming soon):

  • Exec Packet
  • Exec Disclosure Statement
  • Arist/tech Packet
  • Class Packet
  • Class Disclosure Statement
  • Teacher Evaluation Form (Exec)
  • Teacher Evaluation Form (Class)

Results page for the 2022-2023 elections



(As revised on March 1, 2021)

    1. The name of this organization shall be known as the Student Body of Snow Canyon High School.
    2. The purpose of this organization will be:
      1. To provide each student with the opportunity to learn, to develop talents, and to gain worthwhile goals.
      2. To foster understanding and cooperation among students, faculty, administration, and the school board.
    3. The school colors shall be Hunter GreenNavy Blue, and Vegas Gold.
    4. The school mascot shall be the Warrior.
      1. The official name of the yearbook shall be Legend.
      2. The official name of the school paper shall be The Nahuatl.
      3. The official name of the literary magazine shall be Canyons.

  1. MEMBERSHIP (shall be of two kinds):
    1. Active: All registered students who have paid their student activity fees shall be active members of this organization. They shall have all rights, privileges, and obligations of membership.
    2. Honorary: Honorary membership shall consist of faculty, staff, principals, superintendent, and members of the Board of Education.

    1. The Snow Canyon High School Administration reserves the right to declare any student ineligible to represent the school in any organization or activity if a student fails to uphold adopted school standards. We endorse and uphold the eligibility standards of the Utah High School Activities Association.
    2. Procedures to Determine Eligibility
      1. Standards for participation in groups that represent Snow Canyon High School are to be in the form of a constitution for that particular group. The constitution must be approved by the administration and advisor.
      2. The advisor is responsible to check with the faculty and administration each performance to determine the status of the member of the organization.
      3. If faculty members have any concerns as to the eligibility of a participant in a group representing Snow Canyon High School, they should be voiced to either the athletic director or advisor of the appropriate group.

    1. Executive Council
      1. The Student Body Officers shall constitute the highest student authority in the executive branch of this school. The Student Body Officers shall consist of the following elected officers of the student body:
        1. President
  1. Vice President- Secretary/Historian
  2. Vice President- People’s Representative
  3. Vice President- Publicity
  4. Vice President- Assemblies
  5. Vice President- Activities
    • Other officers of the Executive Council shall consist of the following elected and appointed officers:
  6. Senior Class President
  7. Junior Class President
  8. Sophomore Class President
  9. Cheer Representative (shall be chosen and appointed by the cheer advisor)
  10. Student Body Artist and Technology Specialist (shall be chosen and appointed by the Executive Council elect)
  11. Cinematographer shall be chosen and appointed by the elections committee
  1. Duties of the Executive Council as a whole:
    1. Appropriate moneys of the organization
    2. To fill in vacancies in any elected position with the principal.
    3. To conduct all school wide elections
    4. To be in charge of activities, cultural, and social events.
    5. To be a liaison between students and administration, parents and community
  2. All members of the Executive Council, before assuming office, shall pledge:

“I do solemnly affirm that I will uphold and obey all laws and rules of Snow Canyon High School, support all school activities, and fill the office to which I am elected, to the best of my ability.”

  1. The advisor of the Executive Council will be appointed by the principal.
  1. Class Officers
    1. The Class Officers shall consist of the following elected officers of the class:
      1. President
      2. Vice President- Secretary/ Historian
      3. Vice President- People’s Representative
      4. Vice President- Publicity
      5. Vice President- Assemblies/ Activities
      6. Cinematographer shall be chosen and appointed by the elections committee
      1. Student Body Officers
        1. Nominations for Student Body Offices shall be by petition.
        2. The petition must have the signatures of (50) students of the Junior or Sophomore Class.
        3. All candidates must have an 80 % approval from their teachers in the two previous grading periods.
          1. The written approval/ disapproval from the teachers of the candidates must be given to the Executive Council Advisor.
        4. Requirement standards for Student Body Office candidates:
          1. Accumulative academic grade point average of 3.25 (9th grade to present)
            1. No academic F on a transcript from 10-11 grade and no more than one from ninth grade year.
  1. Class Officers
    1. Nominations for class officers shall be by petition.
    2. The petition must have signatures of (30) students of the same grade.
    3. All candidates must have an 80% approval from their teachers in the 2 previous quarters prior to elections.
      1. The written approval/ disapproval from the teachers of the candidates must be given to the Executive Council Advisor.
    4. Requirement standards for Class Officer candidates:
      1. A cumulative academic grade point average of 3.25 (9th grade to present)
      2. No academic F on a transcript from 10-11 grade and no more than one (total) from ninth grade year.
      3. Candidates for sophomore class officer may have no academic “F” or “I” on middle school transcript.
      4. Petitions must be submitted to the advisor by the deadline as announced by the Executive Council.
      5. Candidates for sophomore class officers will refer to cumulative of middle school grades.
    5. Club Officers
      1. Club officers will be chosen according to individual club constitution.

    1. All campaigning is done under the direction of the Student Body Officers.
      1. Votes for a write-in candidate will not be counted.
      2. Students must go through both the primary and final elections procedures before being elected, even if he/she is unopposed.
      3. Rules and regulations may be obtained in the student body office for all candidates.
    2. All elected Student Body Officers shall be elected in their junior year and serve in their senior year by secret ballot.
      1. Primary elections will be held at a time determined by the student body officers, no later than one week after the applications for office are submitted.
        1. All candidates who are eligible will appear on the ballot.
        2. Each student will vote for their two top choices for each position..
        3. Two finalists will be selected for each office
      2. Final elections will be held within two week after primary elections.
        1. Each student will vote once for each position.
        2. Campaign Procedures for Student Body and Class Office positions.
        3. Candidates will pick up application packets and submit application poster, petition, and transcripts by deadline.
        4. Candidates and Parents must attend the parents meeting on the announced date.
        5. Candidate who meets eligibility requirements will be presented in the Primary Election.

Primary elections will be evaluated as follows:

  1. 50% Popular Vote
  2. 25% Teacher Evaluation
  3. 25% Application Poster
  4. Primary election winners will:
  5. Campaign
  6. Make election video with assigned party members
  1. Interview with Student/Faculty committee.
  2. Student/Faculty committee will consist of the student council advisor, a member of the school administration, and the member of the current student council which hold that position (President will interview presidential candidates, etc.)
  3. Final elections will be evaluated as follows:
  4. 60% Popular Vote
  5. 40% Interview

  • ELECTION LIMITATIONS (Office or Royalty)
    1. No student shall hold more than one elective office at the same time.
    2. Student Government offices are to be approved by the school administration.
    3. A boy or girl may not be elected to a royalty of any major school function more than once in a school year.

    1. The tenure of office for elected officers shall be from graduation to graduation.
    2. Any student holding an elected office must be registered as a full-time student at Snow Canyon High School and may not be enrolled in college nor have work-release.
    3. If a vacancy occurs in any office other than of the president, the principal and Student Body Officers shall appoint a successor.
      1. If the office of president is vacated the principal will appoint one of the elected vice presidents to become president.

    1. Any Student Government officer, through the neglect of duty, may be removed from office by consensus of administration and advisor.
      1. All elected and appointed persons are responsible for the completion of all their duties as decided by the advisor, administration, and student councils as a whole. If a member does not complete his/her duties then he/she is subject to a review.
    2. If any elected or appointed student government officer of the school, while in office, fails to maintain a 3.0 grade point average, or receives an F or NG grade, he/she will automatically be put on probation for the period of one quarter, or until appealed or made up.
      1. Probation is defined as:

Cannot vote or participate as an officer at any activity, or wear any item of clothing affiliated with the position. Cannot function in an official capacity.

Failure to comply with grade standards after a period of probation will result in termination from office.

  1. Infractions (criminal, civil, citizenship and behavior) as incurred by an elected or appointed officer of Snow Canyon High School will be dealt with as follows:

An informal investigation and consensus vote for each individual officer will be conducted by administration, advisor, school resource officer, and/or the appropriate student councils. Ineligibility results when effective leadership ability is compromised.

If the individual is found ineligible, he/she will not be able to represent Snow Canyon High School.


The length of the period of probation or decision to remove the individual from the office will be determined by the above mentioned officials as part of the ineligibility decision.


Stand oh mighty Warriors throw your challenge to the foe.

We will fight with all our might, to battle we will go.

Ever we’ll be true to the Gold, Green and Blue.

Join along and sing our song, go Warriors it is up to you.


Give a rousing cheer for our Snow Canyon High.

Bring on the band and raise our colors to the sky.

We will give our all to help our team to win tonight.

Stand and cheer, we all are here to show our pride SC unite. ALL RIGHT!


Amendments or revisions of this constitution may be made by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the Executive Council at any of its regular meetings.

Amendments will be effective only after approval by the school administration.

  1. The tenure of office for elected and appointed officers shall be from graduation to graduation. Any

student holding an elected or appointed office must be registered as a full-time student at Snow Canyon

High School. A full time student is defined for all elected and appointed officers as:

Being enrolled for 8 (4) periods during the school day.

    1. “Release-time” means a period of time during the regular school day when a student attending a public school is excused from the school, at the request of the student’s parent, to attend classes in religious instruction given by a regularly organized church. (This definition comes from the Utah State Office of Education)

  1. In order for all elected officers to take release time, they must have a parent signature on the parent release form, and their time spent during release time must comply with USOE’s definition of release time.

  1. Internships for 1 period can be counted as fully engaged at Snow Canyon, so long as the internship supervisor understands the responsibilities of the individual as a member of the student council and is willing to be flexible with his/her schedule. The student still has the responsibility to follow all curriculum set forth by the internship supervisor, and must still complete all hours required.
  2. 6 of the 8 periods must be on campus classes at Snow Canyon High School the other 2 may include a Vocational, Cosmetology, or College course offered off-campus. These must be approved by the student government advisor prior
  3. Only 1 Online High School course may be taken off campus at any given time and must be approved by the student government advisor prior
  4. Work Release during the school day is not included as fully engaged; however, if an individual wishes to take work release before or after school as a 0 period, they are allowed to do so.

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