Creating a Student-Centered
Community Focused on Learning,
Growth and Excellence for all. 

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Good morning Warriors. We have a very exciting year ahead of us. To start I am going to introduce our theme for this year from the posters in the hall and the lanyards we handed out. You probably could guess it. This year’s theme is “History In The Making”. This year’s theme is bold, because we are a bold generation full of new ideas and exciting prospects. We can make a difference in the world and it starts right here. It starts in high school. Ernie Johnson said “There is value in everybody”. If we can come together as a warrior nation and see the value in one another. We will be stronger as a school. Don’t be afraid to go off script. “In action lies life, and with that action, history is made.” We have a unique opportunity here to rewrite our history and to start off this school year with new ideas and traditions. We as a school can come together and unite. There is no progress without action. We have to step out of our comfort zones and into the real world where we can try new things, share our ideas, and meet new people. We have to be actively engaged. Our generation is going to do amazing things. My late Grandpa Gunn used to say “No matter how dumb you think someone is you can always learn something from them”. We can learn something from anyone if we humble ourselves and prepare ourselves to listen.When we come together we will be setting ourselves up for success. We will set the bar higher and reach for new heights. We will be building this generation to make history. This is a new day in age. We are stronger, and more aware of the world around us and we can truly make a difference if we only just step outside and do something about it. We are truly history in the making. So let’s go make history!

– Student Body President Erin Gunn

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Creating a Student-Centered Community Focused on Learning, Growth, and Excellence for ALL.

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