What’s Your Post High School Game Plan?

What’s Your Post High School Game Plan?

By: Lizzy White

Americans agree that a college education leads to a better quality of life. For the minority of Americans who complete a college degree, they earn more; they also vote more, are healthier, are more likely to marry, and have higher levels of social trust.

While all this is true, you also need to know that people in America don’t always have the best income to pay for college and so they either don’t go or drop out. Only 40% of Americans have finished an associate’s degree. 

At Snow Canyon High School, there was a survey conducted with 31 students whose grade levels ranged from sophomore to senior. It’s amazing how different the students are in each year. They all have a plan but they are so different from each other. The only thing that people might want to start thinking about is what the plan is to go to college? What if it doesn’t work out or something happens that stops the tracks in motion, what will the backup plan be?

There were very few sophomores who wanted to take the survey and the ones who did were mostly determined to go to college. In the sophomore class Savannah Cheever said, “I’m going so I don’t need a game plan”.  Just be careful; sometimes things don’t happen as we have planned. 

The sophomores and juniors that I had take the survey are from different worlds. Sophomores are more determined to go to college for an education, while on the other hand, juniors just want to go to get a well paying job. It’s not a bad thing to want money, just remember to get a job you love. 

Most Juniors who took the survey all had a game plan if things didn’t work out . Most either wanted to travel or enroll in the army and even start their own family. 

Zain Coleman, Sairee Stafford, Kass Beck, Bronwyn Brand had all said they had a game plan but they all want to go to college. I would add a quote or two about what their back up plans are.

Now the seniors on the other hand have a different outlook on things. Some want something, they just don’t know what. Jade Sorenson and Brooke Wilson both said, ”I want to go to college but I don’t know what I would do.“ But others wanted to be rich and famous or have a degree in the medical field.  Last but not least there is Gaberel Martinez; he said, “Duhhhh, I’m going to play football.” 

If the road to college doesn’t work out, don’t give up and don’t let anyone block the path to achieving the goal. Reach for greatness and nothing less.