Wahlberg: The Favorite of Many

Wahlberg: The Favorite of Many

By: Mariah Longman

Anyone who has gone or is currently going to Snow Canyon High have most likely heard of the astronomy/zoology teacher, one of the favorites of the student body, otherwise known as Mr. Wahlberg, he is a great teacher and father of two that likes to build crafts and work on small side projects when he’s not teaching or spending time with his family.

In a survey of 32 students that have had Mr. Wahlberg as a teacher, 22 have said that he is their favorite teacher and that they would take his class again given the opportunity. It’s not hard to see why so many favor this specific teacher. He has a fun energy about him and he teaches a fun subject. As soon as you walk into his room, you can tell he’s going to be a fun teacher. The evidence is everywhere, from the area 51 posters above the door, the small superheroes hidden around the room, to the interesting specimens and pop vinyls he has in his cabinet. These are all the little things that clue you in on the kind of teacher he is.

In an interview one of his students, Jaiden Keyes, was asked why he’s her favorite and she gave this reply “Because you can joke around with him and he won’t get all butthurt.” Another student who asked to remain anonymous said this when asked the same question, “because he’s not afraid to argue with you and have fun in his class and he makes it fun to learn stuff.” So this just goes to show that most students like to take the classes that are taught by fun teachers because they make the subject something they want to know more about.

In conclusion, he’s a good teacher that teaches in his own way to make his classes enjoyable and interesting. So when you have the chance, sign up for Astronomy or Zoology and see for yourself just how great a teacher he really is. You won’t regret it.