Vending Machine Fiasco

Vending Machine Fiasco

By: Keandre Tom and Yokaira Henandez

Let’s face it, people LOVE food. Sometimes everyone’s life revolves around food: students sit in a class thinking about the next time that they get to eat when they should be doing our work. Usually, it helps to have a snack while students do their homework or work on class assignments. The school is kind enough to provide students with vending machines, but unfortunately most of the snacks in there are expensive.

Expensive soda, expensive chips, even the popular candies are more expensive than a big amount of donuts and honey buns. Like, what’s up with that? Last year in 2018-2019, a bag of chips was a dollar. This year the school raised the prices by a quarter. Why 25 cents more when people just have a 2 dollars for a gatorade and chips?

Six different classes around the school were asked their opinion on this. It turns out that 70% of people thought that the prices were too high and should probably be lowered. The rest of the students most likely didn’t care or don’t actually go to the vending machines. It’s pretty unfair for people who go to the vending machines everyday. It’s the student’s choice to buy things but it’s not fair to take advantage of the fact that so many students that go to vending machines. They should consider lowering the vending machine prices. After searching online it was discovered that most of the articles said that they usually double the price of the products original cost. For example if they paid 50 cents for an individual soda then they make the price $1 in the vending machine. Most of the articles said that the price for the chips ends up being around $1.10, which is closer to $1 than $1.25.

Our school machines are not cool enough to have them, but what  if the schools start putting in card scanners? That way people  don’t have to go to banks to get two more dollars out just to get some good snacks and drinks. See, most students have a card that holds money now since most of them have jobs. With this solution, the students could just have their cards and swipe it in the card scanner and get whatever is in the vending machines. Going to the vending machines, students usually hear from other students say “I wish these vending machines can take cards so I don’t have to keep going to the bank or a store just to get cash back.” It would be a good thing if the school decides to put card scanners on the vending machines or get another vending machine that has a card scanner. Every student that has a credit/debit card would be one more happy soul to use the money that they have on their card on the vending machines.