Uniquely the Same

Uniquely the Same

By: Mariah Longman

All the people in this world have something that makes them the same as the people around them but they also have something that is completely their own, something totally unique to them. Anyone that’s on social media knows what a Hydro Flask is, and how people like to put their own spin on them with different stickers and drawings. For this article four kids from snow canyon high school were asked what the stickers on their Hydro Flasks meant to them and why they put them on their water bottles.

Megan Gubler’s Hydro with Stickers

The first person that was interviewed was a 12th grader named Nancy Andrade, she had a bunch of stickers on her Hydro but for the sake of this article we only asked for the meaning behind four of them. The first sticker we asked about was a red and blue adidas sticker she said she “got it from her uncle because he buys her adidas stuff a lot”. The second sticker she was asked about was a stormtrooper she said she “put it on there because her and her brother used to watch star wars when they were little”. The next sticker was a dancing Psy and she said she got it because she remembers that when she first saw the gangnam style video she thought it was hilarious. The last sticker she was asked about was a T.V. that said “brainwashed” she said she liked that it was different and she just liked the way it looked.

Lexi Neesmith’s Hydro with Stickers

The second person that we interviewed was a 10th grader named Lexie Neesmith, she didn’t have as many stickers but she explained the ones she did have on it. The first stickers she talked about was her Pura Vida ones and she said she got them with some bracelets from the same company. The only other sticker she had was a Snow Canyon sticker and she said she got it because she wanted to have school spirit.

The third and finale person that was asked about their personalization was a 10th grader named Megan gublar. The first sticker was the salt bae meme, she said she got it because she could be a little salty and thought it was funny. The second sticker a globe that said “travel the world”she

Nancy Andrade’s Hydro with Stickers

explained that she wants to travel the world so she got it as a reminder. The third sticker that she was questioned about was a little cactus and she said she just liked it so she got it. The last sticker that we asked her about was a small star that said “you shine” she explained that Mrs. Kirk gave them out so she just put it on there.

Everyone is unique but all people follow the same trends and put their own spin on them. It’s a way of fitting in and sticking out.