The Husky Lover, Traveler, and Artist

Mrs. Sherman: the Husky Lover, Traveler, and Artist

by: Vivian Rubio

Before she was a teacher, Mrs. Rachelle Sherman was bearing and rearing children and when her kids were old enough, she went back to school and finished her degree. In her own time, she worked as an artist and about five years ago she decided that she wanted to teach students more about art.

Mrs. Sherman has worked at Snow Canyon for three years and has loved art since she was about two years old. She has always loved to see kids get more excited about art. She hopes students will develop a passion for art, so they can see that art can be exciting for them. She has learned that everyone has a different art style and that artists give off different energy that everyone can feed off.

Other than being an artist, Mrs. Sherman loves to go hiking with her two husky dogs, camping, and just generally being outside. She also likes to rock climb, mountain bike, and travel a lot. Because she travels a lot, she has lived in a few different places such as Scotland. However, she is the happiest with good food, good music, and creating awesome works of art.

In addition, she is grateful for everything around her, she said, “I have gratitude for everything, anything from a really sweet watermelon, to just sun on your back on the lake.” When asked to describe herself in five words she chose: adventurous, artistic, loyal, awkward, and solid.