The Best Sporting Event to Attend

What’s the Best Sporting Event to Attend?

By: Brayden Jones

Two of the most attended sports at Snow Canyon are Football and Girls Volleyball. A lot of students go to the Football game just because everybody else is going and to hang out with friends. But at the Girls Volleyball games everybody is hyped and is engaged in the game, with really loud chants and tons of positive vibes.  The main focus is the volleyball game.

Football games are fun because there are so many students so it’s going to be loud no matter what happens. The band performs at  the games so that adds an extra factor of noise. There is not much better than a game winning touchdown and the cheers that follow.

Girls Volleyball is fun because everybody in the stands is in such a good mood.  The positive and uplifting vibe is definitely fun to be around. Students that attend the games are in a hyped mood the whole time and only have good vibes because it’s such a positive and exciting environment to be in.

According to a poll with Snow Canyon students, Football is the best sport to attend. Students like football for the same reasons that are listed above. They love to hang out with friends and everybody goes to the games.  It seems it’s the place to be.

The next sport that is favored is Rugby.  Doug Dillard said that rugby is so fun to attend because the rugby team wins so many games. The next sport is Girls Volleyball. Again students like going to the games because of the atmosphere and the radiating good vibes.

According to students at Snow Canyon High School football is the best sporting event to attend here at Snow Canyon. Followed by Rugby and then Girls Volleyball. Football is fun because of the number of people that go, Rugby is fun because they win, and Girls Volleyball because its a fun environment.