The Beauty of Art

The Beauty of Art

By: Zione Begay 

Do you love to draw, paint, or even just get creative? There is just a place for you to join! The Art Club was organized and created by Asha Cox, a very creative person. The reason for the Art Club creation is that she felt that there really wasn’t much a place where art students could go. So it was organized to help bring people together with their passions and interests. The Art Club is a very welcoming club. 

Asha Cox, the organizer of the Art Club, who also loves dogs, wanted to create the club to make art kids feel included and to do fun projects together. Asha was asked what her biggest inspiration for art was and she said, “Probably my great grandpa of all people. He painted a lot when I was a kid and made me really want to get into it”. She is a very hard worker and wants to help other artistic kids who would like to have fun with art as well. 

Art Club has had one big project this year, and that was for Homecoming. The week before the homecoming,  the Art Club got together and started the decorations. This took lots and lots of time and effort. But, following the process, it was a great bonding experience for all of them. For the dance, they created  a huge LED light; with fluffy big clouds and a giant jeep. They set aside time for this from the ending of school to evening trying to get everything together. 

For  upcoming  events, Asha  mentioned “to  expect to see art  club working on some  big mural”. They have very few meetings but lots of fun activities and projects.  It is a fun club and great to make new friends. The projects are very creative  and for everyone to be able to have fun and join. There is also a possibility that Art Club will be doing projects for the dances. So if any interest in helping, come join the Art Club!