Teacher Feature: Kayla Heaton

Teacher Features: Kayla Heaton

By: Vivian Rubio

Mrs. Kayla Heaton was born in Redwood City, California. Her family consists of her and her husband with their 7th month old son, their two year old daughter, and their dog Cooper. Her family life is very busy and crazy, but in their free time they like to go hiking, kayaking, and just being outside.

Mrs. Heaton likes to laugh at her kids craziness or watch a good comedy show on TV. She likes listening to country on the radio but she loves to listen to all different kinds of music. She is really grateful for the support that her family gives her when she is going through hard times. Mrs. Heaton is happiest when she is outside and when she is with her family enjoying their company. Five words she used to describe herself were; scatterbrained, happy, tired, happy, and bubbly.

Mrs. Heaton started learning American Sign Language when she was a sophomore in high school, she naturally always talked with her hand and said “Why not learn a language that I can use my hands!” She became an interpreter when she saw her professor had received a degree in deaf studies and she was an interpreter and a teacher, so she thought that she could do that too. Her favorite part about teaching is when she can see when students get something or when they use American Sign Language on their own. Mrs. Heaton said the worst part about teaching is, “All the work; lots of grading … because I have so many students in my class, it’s really hard to get all of my grading done … but mainly all of the busy work that comes along with teaching.” She hopes that students will learn an appreciation for the language, an appreciation for the culture, and “… have a different perspective on deaf people.”