Snow Canyon Cheerleading: Back at it Again!

Snow Canyon Cheerleading: Back at It Again

By: Attie Pulsipher & Colton Quigley

It is the time for cheer! The Snow Canyon Cheerleaders are an excellent team and have dominated cheer competitions in the recent past. Just last year, on 27 January 2019 they took state. The team took first place in all 5 of the competition categories: Cheer, Pom, Timeout Dance, Timeout Cheer, and Fight Song. This year, the SCHS Cheerleading Team is back at it with the hard work, motivation, and confidence that they are going to win yet another state championship. 

The championship won’t just happen though, “We have to work hard… every practice has to count,” Coach Danielle Johnson says, “every tumbling pass, every motion and jump, and everyone has to give their best every time they do it so we can keep getting better throughout the year.”

Coach Johnson has everything a coach needs to be successful.  Specifically, a talented group of cheerleaders. Aspen Allred, Kortney Christensen, Preslee Gates, Jadyn Johnson, Abbie Pemberton, and Addi Phillips are the six seniors on the team this year.  They, like their coaches, believe they have what it takes to have another successful season. “Hard work, dedication… As long as we put in practice and do whatever it takes,” the seniors explain, “we can win!”

The cheer team clearly has what it takes to be successful.  Like any great team, their different personalities blend well, and their different talents complement each other well.  Coach Johnson elaborates, “All of [the cheerleaders] are different, some of them can dance really well, but maybe not tumble as well, some of them can stunt really well, and some of them are the whole package and can do it all…” Regardless of individual skill, the key to team success is the effort each member puts forth, “The cheerleaders put in a 100 % percent effort in their routines every time. They go to practice every day and put in a lot of hours.” 

Students can see the cheerleaders in action at sporting events throughout the year.  Last Friday was the last home football game, but the cheerleaders also appear at away games for the football team, at volleyball matches, and at the basketball games and wrestling matches during the winter. The goal when cheering at sporting events is to pump up the crowd, pump up the team, and make the games more fun.

The cheerleaders will also compete in their own competitions throughout the year in their quest for another state championship.

While the cheerleaders have many purposes like leading the crowd during games, competing against other cheer teams, and pushing themselves as individuals to be better, the seniors explain that something else serves as their primary motivation for cheering.  “We come to cheer practice to cheer with our best friends and our team.”  It’s about creating memories, being with friends, and contributing to a team. “Cheer is a team sport.  Without the other girls on the team, we would not be where we are today.”

These girls work hard, compete hard, motivate the school, and work together to represent Snow Canyon High School in the best way possible.  SCHS is lucky to have such a great cheerleading squad!