Shoot Your Shot!

Shoot your Shot this Valentine’s Day

By: Yokaira Hernandez, Nancy Andrade, and Allison Carmona

Editor’s Note:

While we were unable to publish this article prior to Valentine’s Day itself, the lessons can (and should) apply to any day you would like to make special for somebody special!

Valentine’s day is coming up and people are already planning their dates or what to get for their significant other. Some people have the perfect day planned for Valentine’s day, while others haven’t thought about it. Valentine’s day is the perfect day to ask someone on a date or give them a card. All over the world people spend money on candy, flowers, cards and gifts for that special someone. Even if someone doesn’t have a significant other, they can always get a gift for a friend just to show appreciation for them.

Girls seem to enjoy Valentine’s Day way more than the guys do. So you could say that Valentine’s day is more for the ladies. Some girls from Snow Canyon High School (SCHS) were asked if Valentine’s Day is more for men or women. Most of them said that it was more for girls because girls are usually the ones who get excited for it and enjoy it a little bit more than guys do. Mr. Parker said, “I’m pretty sure the owner of Hallmark is a woman and invented Valentine’s day so that guys would have a reason to buy a card for the girls.”

Girls might want all these things but what do guys want? A few boys from Snow Canyon High School were interviewed. Derek Morgan, a Junior in SCHS said, “Something that I would want would be food, like a hamburger and if I went on a date, I would like to play laser tag.” Food is an overall good choice for most boys.  “[I would want] Chocolates because we [boys] like food.”, says Tanner John, a Sophomore at SCHS.

Still struggling to find ideas for Valentines Day? Well here are some tasty ideas to get your significant other. Derek Morgan said “I would make cookies and spell her name on it.” What a cute and thoughtful idea. Megan Gubler, a Sophomore at SCHS said “I would like someone to get me Panda Express, orange chicken half and half.” Very specific but anything to make a girl happy. Some other good ideas would be giving your Valentine some chocolate. Not just plain chocolate, be creative, chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered pretzels.

Not a big fan of sweets? Here’s some other personal gift ideas. It might be cliche but a card and some flowers would be nice. Heli Patel, a Senior at SCHS stated the following “I would like to receive a card with a personal message so I can save it as a memory.” A common gift but very considerate. “I think a personal message is cute, but I would prefer flowers.” Valeria Aguilar, a Junior at SCHS commented.

So to summarize, Valentines day gifts can vary. It all depends on what your significant other prefers.