SCHS Welcomes Mr. Davis

SCHS Welcomes Mr. Davis

By: Taylor Boatright, Karinya Cheesman, Brayden Jones, and Kazdan Guthrie

Picture of woods teacher Mr. Davis


Students who attended Snow Canyon High School (SCHS) last year and returned this fall may have noticed several new faces welcoming them into different classrooms this year.  Yet, for the 10th graders brand new to SCHS, at least one teacher is a familiar face. 

Mr. Davis is the new Woodworking teacher at Snow Canyon High School. He can be found in his classroom, room 309, next to the Choir Room. He joins SCHS as the Woodworking teacher after two years as a Science teacher at Snow Canyon Middle School (SCMS).

Unfortunately for the Warriors, Mr. Davis is only present at SCHS every other day.  On “B” Days Mr. Davis is actively working with students at SCHS and teaching the finer parts of woodworking.  However, if any student needs to find him on an “A” Day, they have a bit of a journey – he teaches at Crimson Cliffs High School (CCHS) every “A” Day.

As Mr. Davis discussed his dual responsibilities of teaching at two schools, he reveals that it is hard for him to get back and forth from both jobs.  However, that hardship has not removed his sense of joy in the subject he teaches.  He still thinks it’s fun to teach Woodworking.

“I do enjoy working in the [high school] level” Davis said, after being asked about making the transition from SCMS to SCHS, “just because [students have] kind of grown out of that needing everybody to tell [them] what to do in elementary and so now students have started to have opinions and thoughts.”

Mr. Davis is both enjoyable and funny. He loves to joke around and make things exciting for students.  While he is a fun teacher, Mr. Davis is also a qualified woodworker. Before teaching he gained experience in college and even earlier as a teenager. Part of his identity is being a woodworker.  Mr. Davis built sets for school plays, like a 1950’s style refrigerator that people can walk in and out of, or building a platform for dance groups, and put his woodworking skills to use in other school activities while in college.  Beyond that, Mr. Davis spent 10 years working in a cabinet shop utilizing and developing his skills.

Woodworking can be a dangerous task for an individual, with all the power tools, saws, and other dangerous objects around – teaching the subject is even more stressful because the teacher is responsible for student safety aside from his own.  Students can rest assured that Mr. Davis knows all the risks and is prepared to prevent injury or harm. His primary goal is to make sure students are safe, but also have fun.  The inspiration for his teaching style comes from his old Science teacher who reminded him of Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus.

Mr. Davis is really looking forward to teaching at Snow Canyon and at Crimson High. He says that both schools have different and unique interests. “It’s interesting how the schools have different personalities especially with them only being twenty minutes apart.” SCHS and CCHS are lucky to have such a great teacher because with so much experience in the woodworking area.