SCHS Loses Heart-breaker to Park City in Football Quarterfinals

Snow Canyon Barely Loses to Park City

By: Brayden Jones

Last Friday Park City edged out a win against the Snow Canyon Warriors 14 for the Miners and 10 for the Warriors. Snow Canyon scored early to get a 10-0 lead. And the following drive Park City put a touchdown on the board making the score 10-7 in Snow Canyons favor going into half.

The Warriors needed another score to get a comfortable lead, but the Miners had other plans. Park City scored another touchdown and Snow Canyon couldn’t get enough momentum to answer back. After Park City scored there wasn’t a lot of action. Both teams just relying on defense and then underperforming on offense.

Late in the fourth quarter, the Warriors had a chance to score. On 4th and 4 on the 13 the Warriors take a chance at the end zone and number 3 Jace Mendenhall couldn’t quite hold on due to the tight defense. But Jace had been performing throughout the game and the season so the Miners were keying on Jace and keeping an eye on him.

After the turnover on downs all hope seemed lost for the Warriors. Because the Miners running back had seemed almost unstoppable for the entirety of the game. But the Warriors defense wasn’t waiting for a miracle as they take the ball from the Miners and their stud running back and give the ball back to the offense.

On first and 10 from 19 yards away the Warriors quarterback Landon Frei escapes the defenders with a hat trick spin move and gains 8 yards. And on second down the Warriors run the ball and the running back Bretton Stone couldn’t gain positive yards as he got shut down by the defense for a loss of 1. On 3rd down the warriors attempt another run with no yards gained and that brings up fourth down. And on 4th and 3 Landon throws to number 8 Kyler Stuart and it just slips through his fingertips.

After the Miners get the ball back again, their stud running back isn’t going to make another mistake as he gets a first down to run out the rest of the clock. And end the Warriors fighting season. The Warrior coaches are proud of the players and are very excited for next season. The seniors for the Warriors are very honored to have played for Snow Canyon and were very upset over the close loss. Hopefully the Warriors will make it farther into the playoffs next year.

In an interview with coach Esplin did not expect the outcome of the game. And he expected to win. He says that it was a big step for the program and will bring more attention. When asked if he could go back what would you change, he said he wouldn’t change anything and believe in your abilities at the time and he said his mentor told him that sometimes you get the good side of fate, and other times you’re not so lucky. Coach Esplin said that he was very proud of the seniors and how they performed as they were expected, and that the underclassmen are expected to step up.

He later said that when he won state as a Warrior there was only 2 underclassmen playing varsity and the rest seniors. That shows how much the game has changed and how much the Juniors and Sophomores have started contributing to the game. In order to make a better playoff run next year and for years to come, Coach Esplin thinks the team needs to want it and care about the game. He said that in previous years even when the team is filled with talent, if nobody wants it, they don’t win games. He then said that one of the bigger reasons is not being selfish. The team will win if they believe in themselves and their teammates. This is true in sports and in life — whatever goals people wish to achieve will require dedication, desire, and sacrifice.