SCHS Dance Company Auditions

SCHS Dance Company Auditions

Are you interested in auditioning for the SCHS Dance Company for the 2020-2021 school year?

Who: Any students who will be entering grades 9-12 next year who love dance and want to be part of something cool at SCHS!  

  • When: May 12 &13th 2020

  • Where: Google Meets


This year due to the current situation revolving around COVID-19 we will hold our auditions virtually. 

  • Fill out the google form to reserve your spot-–D2Lt4lJaWC3V_1gDVp8HI9A/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1

  • Print the tryout packet below, fill it out, and email back to:

  • Once you have filled out the form and sent back in the packet you will be sent an audition time with the link to the google meets address. This will be a first come first serve basis so get this done ASAP. 

  • watch the youtube video to learn the choreography combination

  • Here is the music link to practice with:

  • Create a 1 minute solo to a song of your choice using the following prompt: Dance company is an ensemble group who has to learn to dance as one. Pick a room in your home. This room becomes your stage. The items in the room become your fellow dancers. Use the space and items in this room as creatively as possible. Don’t forget to research and utilize the elements of dance as best as you can. This is not an improvisation!! This should be a set work that you can dance twice in a row exactly the same. 

  • Prepare for a one on one interview with the coach. 

  • Join the google meets at your scheduled time and dance your heart out.

  • Things to remember and keep in mind in trying out:

  • Number of years of experience does not matter. I am looking for dedicated and hard working members. 

  • This is a team activity so full commitment is crucial to a successful year. Remember Our season is all year. Attendance and punctuality are key.

  • This also has a required fee to participate

For more information please contact Crystal Shockley

I’m excited to begin this adventure together!

Please give it your all at tryouts and remember that effort goes a long way!

Good Luck!!!