SCHS Beats

The Beats of SCHS  

By: Megan Gubler, Zione Begay, Keandre Tom, and Haley Daniel

Music is what brings everyone together, even with different music tastes and genres. It is something that is a part of everyone’s life, whether they like it or not. It’s crazy how music can take things to the next level. Well, not really with the mumble music, sometimes people can’t even understand what the artist is even saying. Now there are thousands upon thousands of artists trying to make their voice heard in the music world.

Since the rise of TikTok, songs like “Yellow Hearts” by Ant Saunders and “Say So” by Doja Cat have made it on the ‘TOP 100’ on Billboard and Spotify. TikTok has helped many influencers and artists get more recognition. Memes have also helped songs gain popularity and big social media representation. 

According to the Billboard Top 100, the song in the number one spot as of the week of February 8th, 2020, is “The Box” by Roddy Rich. Some other songs that are in the top ten include “Life is Good” by Future featuring Drake, in second, “Circles” by Post Malone in third, and “Memories” by Maroon 5 in fourth.

A survey was given to 45 Snow Canyon students to find what they like to listen to and see what their personal opinions were on the top music around the world and the results varied drastically. 25 of them responded with pop, about 56% of the people who took it. The genre of music that came in second was Alternative/Indie. About 44% of the teens who took the survey chose this genre. Third place, came Hip Hop/R&B with 38%. 

In the survey, there was a list of eleven songs from the “TOP 100” and students had to choose their favorite out of the given songs. Ten students picked “Adore You” by Harry Styles making it the top song. The song that came second was ‘Falling’ by Trevor Daniel with eight students picking this song. Down below is the pie chart of all the results. 

The streaming app that students here use the most is Spotify and Apple Music and they use the apps a lot. When asked how often they listen to music, most students said they listen to music everyday. To summarize all the answers, students said that they listen to music every waking chance they get. 

The next question asked was “Who’s your favorite artist?” This question was left open so students could choose whoever they wanted. There were so many different artists and not very many repeats. Some of the answers included artists like: Russ, Khalid, Joji, Harry Styles, Tyler The Creator, The Walters, NF, A L E X, and so much more. There are many artists out there who make incredible music, and every teenager can find their own way of relating to different ones. 

To conclude, music has such an impact on people. Music has been around for centuries and new artists appear everyday. Music is everywhere and it’s a very important part of everyday life.