No Office Hours for Leaders

There Are No Office Hours For Leaders

By: Garrett Scarborough, Alizabeth white, Mariah Longman, Michelle Humphrey, Julia Buck 

Just about every high school has a student council. They are usually people that are well known or popular that make it into that kind of leadership.

SCHS Student Leaders


Students wouldn’t expect with all the things our leaders are involved in that they are imperfect people too. Things really aren’t as simple as they seem, and everything that happens around the school has so much more behind it than expected. 

Snow Canyon High School has an amazing student body and each grade has their own class president. Carter represents the seniors and he’s the one to plan out Senior Week. He works extra hard to make the seniors and other grades have a happy high school career. According to Carter, the best part of being a Senior Class President is, “Working with other students that are on the Student Body Council. And making the students of Snow Canyon High School happy.” There are always some negative things about everything. The only thing that isn’t so fun is trying to show up to every event and making sure it goes right. Regardless of the negative things, Carter added, “I would miss being at this school and being around the students. Snow Canyon has been a family.” 

Being a class president, has a real big spotlight coming along with the responsibility of making the school year enjoyable. The Sophomore Class President, Erin Gunn, explained her personal experience of being in the spotlight. Erin said, “I really don’t do well on stage. When we did skits at the beginning of the year for the assembly, I was not ready for that. I am good at talking to people, but when it comes to performing, I don’t do so well.” This proves that being in a leadership position doesn’t mean they need to be an extrovert all of the time and having all the skills to really be out there. Every person comes with a different skill set. And that’s the beauty of having a whole team of leaders to orchestrate everything that happens around the school. 

Dallin Higgins, the Student Body President, has a big responsibility of being the leader over the Exec council. Dallin said, “I am in charge of making sure everything gets done. We all have our individual jobs but since I’m over the Exec, I try to help out where I can and make sure everyone is doing their job.” While he may be doing much around the school, his high school career is coming to a close end. When he graduates he is planning on going on a mission for the LDS church and currently he doesn’t know what career path he is taking.  But in the future he wants to do something he loves and wants to spread kindness and make people happy. Dallin is always wanting to help the community and this school to become a better place. He does a lot for our school that students don’t see. He wants people to be happy and to spread kindness in the world. 

In conclusion, the leaders of our school are people, just like everyone else. They each come with their own skill set and ways they like to run things. While they have their own lives and plans for their future, they all come together to live in the moment and make Snow Canyon High School the best it could be.