Is Anxiety a problem? IS IT?

Is Anxiety a Serious Problem Among Young People?

By: Vivian Rubio

Anxiety is one of the leading mental health issues for teens and young adults, along with depression. In the past, only a small number of older generations were considered or were “anxious”. Today, a lot of teenagers and young adults tend to be more anxious than older generations. There are many reasons why teenagers are anxious and there are some big reasons such as school and social media.

According to The Washington Post, “[…] a third of teenagers aged 13-18 will experience anxiety disorder.” Anxiety disorder is a group of mental disorders where someone can have feelings of anxiety or fear. In a survey, students were asked if they felt anxious a lot, about 63% of teens said that they felt anxious, while 37% said that they did not feel anxious.

Teenagers could also feel anxious because of social media. Social media has painted a picture of how teenagers and young adults should look and/or act. Teens or young adults might feel the need to change themselves or become more like how social media portrays them. Teens could have problems with their looks thinking that they aren’t enough. Other teens think it has helped them; it could be somewhat like a coping device. Students say that it has made them more positive/happier, and they have made more friends and more able to communicate with other people.

Another reason why teenagers might feel anxious would be school. In school students may feel overwhelmed by how much work they must do, such as due dates or school projects. Teens might not have time to do homework because of work, sports, etc. Students might also feel anxious about how many classes they have. Some teens also struggle because when they have homework and they don’t understand it, they can’t really do anything about it because they don’t have a teacher around to help them, and sometimes, parents wouldn’t be able to help as well. When students were asked if they were anxious at school about 66% of students feel anxious at school and 34% did not.