Horoscopes to Zodiacs

Horoscopes to Zodiacs

By Allison Carmona

What are horoscopes exactly and why do people turn to them for information about themselves or what they should do? First things first, horoscopes and zodiac signs are different in their own ways. A zodiac sign is the cosmic position during the time of your birth. The earth orbits around the sun at 360 degrees and is divided every 30 degrees into 12 parts, which are the zodiac signs.  A horoscope is like a prediction, a planetary diagram of a particular time. This diagram or chart, has elements like personal characteristics, motivations, and future predictions.

zodiac signs and birthdates

When you ask someone what’s their zodiac sign, they’ll most likely reply with their sun sign which is the main one and the one which most people are aware of. People who know their complete birth chart will say something like “I’m a Pisces sun, Sagittarius moon and Aquarius rising.”  What does that mean? Your sun sign is your basic self, your moon sign is your inner self and rising is the public you, the sign that you present to strangers.

Horoscopes have been in use since the 17th century. It’s a prediction of someone’s future, whether it be that day or the whole week. There’s horoscopes for love, relationships, money and power.  A lot of people use websites to find their horoscope or an app. You could say a lot of millennials or the younger generations believe in horoscopes, but why? According to the Independent UK, “Astrology gives people an excuse for their less positive traits or actions.”

 So for example, when someone says “Sorry, I can’t help it I’m a Scorpio.” or something like “I can’t date him, our signs aren’t compatible.” it’s all an excuse.

Horoscopes of the Week

Aries: It’s been years, go ahead, expose yourself in public again.

Taurus: Give up on your dreams, everyone else has.

Gemini: Nothing tastes as sweet as winning. Except for winning at the expense of others. Remember that.

Cancer: Your life is a series of ups and downs. Like a toilet plunger.

Leo: Buy a cat and call it Chapo.

Virgo: Why be yourself when you can be someone more interesting?

Libra: You’ll receive a phone call from yourself in the future. Answer the phone.

Scorpio: Truth may be perception, but you’re just a freaking liar.

Sagittarius: Stop pushing everyone away. 

Capricorn: Chewing gum will save your life this week.

Aquarius: The world is your oyster. Gross.

Pisces: You thought everyone forgot about it, but they didn’t.