Hawkins Is A Mathtastic Teacher!

Hawkins Is A Mathtastic Teacher!

Article By: Lucas Moore, Cassie Kreyling, Luis Gamez, Olivia Holman

            Teachers are usually boring and inactive people with average lives outside of school… right? Knowing how these individuals function in the outside world has been a constant thought in the minds of curious students. Most of the teachers at Snow Canyon High School are not your ordinary teachers. One in particular, Ms. Hawkins, is amazingly active and maintains a marriage while being a mother of two.

            April 3, 2019 was the day we decided to get the real tea on Hawkins’ life. General and personal questions were prepared and our journey to her prep period began. When asked what type of person she is on the outside, she replied with, “Anything but boring. I spend a lot of time outside but I don’t like to garden but I still plant flowers.” After a heated debate of planting flowers still being gardening, we decided to move on.

A common thought is that many people spend workdays indoors under fluorescent lights and in front of computers, then return home to bask in the glow of television screens, Hawkins isfar from that thought. She is a part of multiple nature activities such as snowboarding, mountain rappelling, soccer on Saturday mornings “with a bunch of old guys in their 60’s,” mountain biking, basketball with her family, running half marathons, skiing, and wakeboarding. Yeah, it’s a lot.

Deciding to dig a little deeper, the question of where she did her schooling came up and she replied that she went to Hurricane High School, SUU, DSU (with a full-ride), and then to Salt Lake Community College. While in college, she majored in pure math and really enjoyed it. It was there she met her husband, and they now have two boys together Branson, 13 and Brice, 10. They also have a really cute Yellow Lab named Phydeaux, yes the way it’s spelled is confusing.


Before teaching, Hawkins was a tutor at Cross Creek Manor, a stay at home mom, and then worked at Diamond Ranch Academy. Yet none of these jobs fulfilled her life-calling. Ever since she was a little girl, Hawkins wanted to be a teacher. Eventually, she decided high school students were the way to go (which is crazy considering how psycho we are). She liked the thought of teaching chemistry but instead settled on math. Yes, the least liked subject in school.

Surprisingly, Hawkins was not a star pupil in math, in fact she was kind of bad. That weakness is now a strength and could help Hawkins connect to students who struggle today. Her favorite thing about being a teacher is listening to all the side conversations in her classes, in other words, eavesdropping is her way of learning about people! So when you’re spilling all that tea from the day before to your best friend, you may have an additional partaker of all that “hot tea.”

The following reveal some fund random facts about Mrs. Hawkins. She does NOT like the smell of coffee one bit — in fact, she went on an whole rant during the interview about how much she hates the smell. (This led to an elongated debate with Olivia, who drinks about 7 to 10 cups a day); She loves cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies, bacon, and ice cream- preferably the Ben and Jerry’s half baked; Her least favorite food is Chinese; She has travelled to many places in the U.S., but still wants to get to Hawaii. She hasn’t really travelled anywhere outside of the country. Finally, something unique is she doesn’t watch any T.V. shows during the school year, but then binge watches everything during the summer!

Well, that’s Ms. Hawkins for you. Again, she’s actually a pretty inspiring person due to all of things she does and how much of a great math teacher she is in our school. All these facts we learned make us love Hawkins even more, she is truly a gem and she might even make math class tolerate or, dare we say, fun, for us.