Everyday Abe

What It’s Like to be Abe The Babe

By: Chelsi Slack, Briana Frei, Damen Simkins, Casey Vest

Student Body President Abe Lamoreaux poses for a picture.

Everyday Abe

Is he an alien? Does he have superpowers? Is he on a special diet?  How does he do it? Abraham Brad Lamoreaux is Snow Canyon High Schools student body president. Abe works on executive council with six other senior members. Abe loves his peers and the student body; he gets to know as many students as possible.  He seems to be involved in nearly everything and anything going on at the school – he attends all the sporting events, participates in every assembly, sings and acts in every play, and helps to organize almost every event throughout the year.  Before he dons the cap and gown of graduation, the Nahuatl staff sought to find the secret to how Abe does everything he does.

Kirra Jensen, one of Abe’s close friends and somebody who knows him extremely well, theorizes the source of Abe’s relentless optimism and high achievement must be the breakfast he eats each morning. “Abe probably wakes up and eats Wheat Thins, puts them in milk – like a monster would.” In other words, there must be some secret in the breakfast he eats each morning to fuel him each day.

When he arrives at school, his first period class is Exec, not an easy class and Abe is motivated to fulfill his responsibilities on behalf of the students.  Jensen explains, “Abe just wants Exec to do better than ever.”  Abe is not just satisfied hoping SCHS improves, he works hard to make it better. Abe spends a lot of time at the school, he seems to always be here. Whether he’s working on a project for exec, supporting the various school activities, or using his great singing voice to perform in the plays – Abe is at the school a lot.  Because of his involvement in so many school activities, Jensen theorizes, “He probably wants to be a diplomat.”  That makes sense. Diplomats are politicians and politicians are always running around to different events and working with different groups of people – basically what Abe does already.

Peers describe Abe as energetic, loud, passionate, and possessing a good soul.  Anybody within a 50-mile radius of Abe knows that he loves to sing and dance.  Many may not know that one of his hidden skills is that he’s pretty good at Super Smash Bros.  Also, Abe donated his head for charity – not really his whole head, just his head of hair.  As an incentive to raise money for Wish Week, Abe agreed to have his head shaved if students reached a certain amount of fundraising – anybody who has seen Abe lately can tell the students met that goal!

Abe isn’t all business though; he does take time to have some fun – even at the expense of others – in a light-hearted way of course.  Jensen recounted a time Abe decided to have some fun with the other exec council members, “Once upon a time we were coming to the school for an Exec thing, and he (Abe) told us to be there at 5 a.m.” As a testament to the dedication of the Exec Council, they all arrived at 5 a.m. Jensen continues, “we were sitting there and he (Abe) just starts laughing! We were all like what is going on?” The congregated Exec members looked at Abe in confusion, and he revealed his devious prank, “he’s like we don’t need to be here for another hour!”  That’s right, as a prank, Abe – the student body president – asked everybody to show up an hour earlier than they needed to… including himself.  “So, we were like what the heck Abe!” continues Jensen, “It was too late to go home and sleep, so we all just sat there for an hour till 6 a.m. came around.”  Abe loved every minute of it, “He was sitting there laughing…” Some could get upset losing a valuable hour of precious sleep, but Abe has an infectious personality that makes it pretty much impossible to dislike him.  Kirra summed up her story with a similar sentiment, “You just gotta love him guys.”

As the discussion of Abe’s antics carried on, Jensen theorized another potential secret to Abe’s drive to engage in so many activities each day.  Sushi.  Maybe that’s the secret.  “I bet he puts sushi in his cereal,” Jensen theorizes, believing there must be something out of the ordinary to drive the extraordinariness of Abe!

Finally, Abe sat down and described his daily routine – including what he puts in his breakfast each day.  “I usually wake up around 6:30 depending on what I need to do at school.” Before leaving for the day, Abe follows a pretty standard routine.  First, he works on spirituality by studying scriptures with his family. By 7:00 a.m. he is getting dressed, eating breakfast, and making a lunch.  What exactly is in that breakfast?  Actually, nothing that weird.  When asked his favorite cereal, Abe doesn’t hesitate, “Cinnamon Toast Crunch – hands down.” Though Fruity Pebbles does come in a close second.  Jensen’s theory that Abe must be putting something weird in his milk is out the window.  It’s not Wheat Thins or sushi, it’s just cereal.  There is one quirk – Abe is lactose intolerant, so he uses almond milk instead of cow’s milk – so maybe that’s the secret.  After breakfast he heads to school and usually arrives by 7:40.

Other random factoids Abe revealed throughout the interview include the following: in an emergency situation, Abe’s go-to contact for a ride is Ben Kemp. He’s a typical high school student in his free time; he takes naps, does homework, plays super smash bros, and plays basketball with his friends.

Abe also works, when he can find the time for it.  He works with his dad doing concrete.  Because of his busy school schedule Abe works rather infrequently but helps when needed.

Usually Abe goes home for lunch, but when he decides to treat himself, Island Grinds is where you’ll find him.

His favorite school memory so far would be the assembly for Connor during wish week. “When we brought out Connor,” Abe recalls, “and everybody clapped and cheered for him – I think those are the coolest moments. Everyone comes together with school spirit for a cause bigger than any one person… that’s awesome.”

His advice for next year’s sophomores, juniors, and seniors – “Get involved, do things, be a part of clubs, work hard, and enjoy high school.”  Abe seems to really be soaking in his final days of high school – he continues his advice, “everybody should enjoy high school for what it is because this is carefree time of life, from here on out it just gets harder,” Abe explains. Then Abe ends his thought with some great life advice for everybody:

“Enjoy it while you can.”