Does The Jr. Parking Lot Need Change?

Does The Jr. Parking Lot Need Change?

By: Briana Frei, Liliana Ortega, Alyssa Telles, & Casey Vest
Jr. Parking Lot, By: Briana Frei

What is up with the parking lot? More specifically the parking lot we fondly refer to as “the junior parking lot” — even though Sophomores park there as well. For years now Snow Canyon High School has struggled with the congestion in the junior parking lot. Members of the Nahuatl staff interviewed several students and teachers to discuss the need and desire to fix the longstanding issues with the parking lot. As a team we interviewed Mr. Hurt, the Vice Principal, he agreed that there are many solutions to fix and bring order to the parking lot. However, most of the solutions are too cost prohibitive and the benefits would not justify the expense in the end.

We also interviewed three Sophomores, Ashley and Brenton, who drive and Sari, who rides around with them. They agree that changes need to be made to the way the students get out of the lot, but the layout of the parking lot would make the situation difficult to improve.

One improvement we suggested to all of our interviewees is increasing the size of the parking spaces — similar to the size of the parking spots at Costco.. None of the people we spoke to believed that change was necessary. Mr. Secrist, Health teacher and Baseball Coach, stated that one improvement would be to hire traffic guides to direct traffic with flags.

In the end, the cost to hire the traffic guides, even at just minimum wage, combined with the irregular hours the job would demand — approximately 10-15 minutes at lunch and 10-15 minutes at the end of the day — would make it difficult to even attract anybody interested in performing the job at all.

Ultimately, it wouldn’t be worth the money to hire all those people to flag the students and direct them to follow the “every other” rule. The best solution to the traffic issues may just be the simplest, students can just be better at driving. If each student demonstrates courtesy and practices common sense by smoothly allowing traffic to exit the parking lot in an “every-other” rotation instead of rushing to the front and cutting off all those in the way, then we may be able to eliminate our own problems. Perhaps this can be a lesson we teach ourselves outside of the classroom.