Do What You Love, Never Work: The Nick Lang Story

 Nick Lang “If you’re doing something you love it’s not work.”

By: Vivian Rubio

Mr. Nick Lang’s favorite part about teaching would be the students. He loves to interact with students and get to know new ones each year. He feels his family gets bigger every year. He said “It’s not even about the little Biology lessons it’s about knowing that I made a difference … The money doesn’t even matter, yes it pays the bills and you need that but really for me, it’s about making a difference.”

The worst part about teaching for him would have to be that there are so many rules, regulations, procedures, and things you can get caught up in.

Before he was teacher Mr. Lang worked at a call center, a company that did financial planning, business planning, and marketing. When he was going to school, he took everything that was required to get into med school. He was fascinated with the human body and liked to help people. He had an opportunity to be a guest speaker in a few classes and he though “That is something I would love to do when I retire.” He wanted to change, so he analyzed what he really wanted in life, and realized he wanted to do what he loved, and he chose to teach.

 Mr. Lang is happiest when he feels he’s pushing himself and trying new things. He said “Things that are hard, things that are challenging, things that might even be scary or difficult … I know that I’m pushing myself and trying to become better.” One of his favorites songs is “Listen to the Beethoven” from the movie “Warrior” that he says, “If I’m training and that’s playing, then that brings out a whole new level of commitment and drive for me.” He loves to spend time with his wife, he said “She’s been my best friend since we were around 15 years old, … We could talk for hours and hours on end.”, and he loves to spend time with his family “ … Even if we are just sitting around with good food, just how fortunate and lucky and blessed I am to have that unique relationship with those that I love and spending time with them.” said Lang.

Mr. Lang was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. His hobbies are spending time with his family, who is the most grateful for, they enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, watching movies or TV shows, reading, and working out together. Even on weekends, even if they are just hanging out at home or traveling somewhere, they can just enjoy each other’s company. Something that makes him laugh would be his ‘Lang’ or ‘dad’ jokes that he tells, funny movies, good music, being around good people, and true funny stories. Outside of spending time with his wife and children one of his hobbies is being a head wrestling coach, he has coached wrestling for 9 years one of them being all the way in 2001. He really enjoys coaching wrestling and he started wrestling in high school.  He thinks that it is really rewarding and satisfying. Five words he used to describe himself would be: “Driven to make a difference.” He believes that if you have a dream you should go for it.