Disney or Netflix?

Disney Plus vs. Netflix

By: Emily Memmott

On November 12th, 2019 Disney launched the video streaming service Disney Plus. With the price at only 7 dollars a month, it is a big discount compared to Netflix, which costs 9 to 16 dollars a month depending on the plan one chooses. 

Netflix has been around for 22 years, during which they have acquired 148 million paying users around the globe, 90 million being in the U.S. Disney plus has been around for a little over a month and has acquired over 10 million subscribers. According to variety.com “Disney has projected that Disney Plus will have 60-90 million subscribers worldwide by 2024, with ⅓ of those in the U.S”.

In a pull survey, students were asked to vote on which streaming service they prefered. From the 167 people surveyed, 59% voted that Disney Plus was better than netflix, while 41% would still choose Netflix over Disney anyday.

So what’s the hype about Disney? “Unlike Netflix, Disney doesn’t have to bother with licensed content. With its colossal archive of blockbuster titles, Disney is the undisputed king of content.” On top of all that, they are beginning to release new TV series such as the High School Musical and The Mandalorian. 

Shontay Price, a senior here at Snow Canyon said, “ I believe Disney Plus is better than Netflix because of all the countless options you have, when it comes to netflix you really only have a few options of good movies or shows before you get some weird inappropriate crap.” Senior Kortney Christensen agrees and said, “ I like it so much better because I love Disney and it just overall has a lot better movie options than netflix, and are better done.”

On the other hand, Senior Taylor Holt said, “I think Netflix is better than Disney plus because it has a much wider variety. With Disney plus you can only watch shows created by Disney. Of course Disney has great movies and t.v shows but there isn’t much variety as the majority of them are kids shows and princess movies. Netflix ranges from adult to comedy to horror to kids.” Another student who prefers to be anonymous said “ Disney Plus is good for nostalgia, but if you want to watch something new and good, Netflix wins.”

In comparison, both streaming networks can be watched on Smart TVs, Game Consoles, Set-top Boxes, Blu-ray Players, Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, Laptops. Disney Plus has even been built into some LG and Samsung devices for the user to access the app immediately.

Both streaming services are great options, if someone is disney lover at heart, then Disney plus is a fantastic option for them, and they can rewatch all their childhood favorites along with some awesome new shows! If you aren’t feeling the Disney life then probably stick with Netflix.