Coulam comes to SCHS

Ms. Coulam switches from Cedar to Snow Canyon

By: Emily Memmott

There’s a new math teacher walking the halls of Snow Canyon, and if you haven’t got the chance to meet her yet, here’s an opportunity to get to know a little bit about her. If you are a Junior or Senior, you are in luck, Because Ms. Coulam might be your teacher! She teaches anywhere from Math 3 to AP calculus.

Stephanie Coulam went to our very own SCHS! Growing up she actually did like math, and understood it for the most part. She really enjoyed high school because of the sports. Ms. Coulam played softball and basketball and in an interview said “ It was really fun because I could miss class and go play sports.”

Ms. Coulam went to SUU and studied math education, but she didn’t always want to be a math teacher. She originally wanted to teach P.E because of her love for sports. But she decided to take a different route and her reason was, “ P.E jobs are really hard to come by, so since I liked math and understood it for the most part. I wanted to help people so they didn’t struggle quite as much with math.” She made this decision early on in her Senior year.

Before SCHS, Ms. Coulam has been teaching at Cedar High for the past 4 years, but decided to come down here so she could be closer to her family. Ms. Coulam’s favorite math topic to teach is Algebra. She states, “ If you’re solving something you can always check to see if you’re right, there’s no multiple answers kind of stuff.”  She then explains, “That’s why I don’t like English because it’s all based upon whose reading it, whereas algebra is always right or wrong”

Outside of teaching, Ms. Coulam really loves to play sports and run. Some of her favorite sports are basketball and football but she really likes anything. Some fun facts about her are that she is a big Bronco fan, she was born in Lake Tahoe, and she is very tall at the whopping height of 5ft 1. If you have any questions go to room 230, Ms. Coulam is happy to help with your math needs!