Cheap Dates!

Best Cheap Date Ideas

By: Emily Memmott

Picture this, there’s this guy named Timmy and he has some serious heart eyes for this girl, he asks her out on a date this Friday, and she says yes! So, he wants to impress this girl and do something super fun!

He plans dinner at the nicest restaurant in town. They get their table and open the menus. $38 BUCKS A PLATE????? He did not realize how expensive it would be. She sees the worried look on his face and says they can go somewhere cheaper. But Timmy was like “no, no everything is fine I got plenty.”

He didn’t want to back down now, he couldn’t! He didn’t want to look like a fool in front of the girl he’s been crushing on since the 8th grade. So, congrats Timmy you’re broke again and now you have no money for gas until your next paycheck, and to make it even better the girl didn’t even finish her plate.

The truth is people really don’t need to spend a lot of money on dates to have fun. In fact, sometimes it’s the cheap dates that are more fun. So, don’t worry about blowing all your pay on that special someone, or even a friend. Here’s some great ideas for a non-expensive date, whether it’s a single date, double date, or group date, these ideas work for all occasions.

  • Sunset Picnic Hike- Grab some food you already have at home and put it in a backpack, or grab some snacks on the way, bring a blanket and go on a hike! When you reach the end relax, eat, and watch the sunset. This is a super cute date idea!
  • Stargazing- Grab some pillows and blankets and cuddle up under the stars!
  • Chopped- There’s a T.V Show where contestants get a basket full of random food items chosen by judges and then they have to make a dish out of it! Basically, a timed food challenge. This is a great idea for a date! Super fun, and funny!
  • Bob Ross painting- Look up Bob Ross tutorials and get some paint and canvas, this is a really awesome idea, and you can find these materials for pretty cheap.
  • Go on a drive- Turn on some music and just jam out, get to know someone better by simply have a conversation.
  • Thrift shopping- Go to a thrift store, everything is super cheap! Make an outfit for your date to try on, make a challenge out of it. Get creative!
  • Messy twister- This is such a blast! Find someone with an old twister board or make your own! Put paint, or shaving cream on all the circles. Prepare to slip, get messy, and laugh!
  • Movie night- Watch a movie at home! Buy popcorn and treats at a gas station, super cheap and fun!
  • Game Night- Gather up all your board games, card games, dice etc. No cost, and super fun. Be social!
  • Day camping- We are close to a lot of awesome outdoor places. Go to Pine Valley, Gunlock, Zions etc. Go hiking, hammocking, fishing, just hang out for the day, plan a picnic, take pictures.