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Warrior Vision
2019 – 2020

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About two years ago now, I walked into this school as a Snow Canyon Warrior for the first time. Just as any sophomore is, I was confused and didn’t know where in the world any of my classes were. 

But you know what I did notice?

I noticed the students who took me under their wing and helped me out. The teachers who were willing to help me succeed. The games, activities, and dances that made me genuinely smile. The LOVE that I felt when I needed it.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve realized that those simple things are still what is most important. A school cannot have a good atmosphere unless everyone has the same thought process, the same motives, the same VISION. 

Warrior Vision is our theme this school year. And no, it is not putting a pair of glasses on Wally the Warrior. It is so much more.

Warrior Vision is having the ability to see others as what they can BECOME, not who they are today. And, just as importantly, being able to envision who WE want to become.

And don’t be afraid if you can’t envision exactly what your future will hold. I certainly can’t. I love how Conan O’Brien put it when he said “Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get, but if you work really hard, and you are KIND, amazing things will happen.” Warrior Vision is knowing that although we can’t control everything about our future, we can control what we do TODAY.

Having Warrior Vision is sitting with someone at lunch who needs someone to talk to. Warrior Vision is cheering on our fellow Warriors, no matter what sport or club they are apart of. Warrior Vision is lifting our classmates up, and not tearing them down. 

Have courage this year. Be KIND this year. Do what you LOVE this year. Always remember that high school is just one important stepping stone in the amazing story of your life!  

Let’s all catch the Vision and make this year a bold and brilliant part of this schools history. I love you Warriors! WARRIOR VISION 2020!

-Dallin Higgins
Student Body President 2019 – 2020