Asha Cox, Big Money Casha 

Asha Cox, Big Money Casha 

By: Nancy Andrade

Asha Cox

Not many people know who Asha Cox is or what she does in Snow Canyon High School. She was interviewed so people can know more about her. Asha Cox is a senior in high school and is in the class of 2020.  Asha is apart of Snow Canyons student council and is a talented artist. She’s the one that does the paintings for the dances. You’ve probably walked across the senior parking lot and seen the Bob Ross painting. Well, that’s Asha’s parking spot and she painted it herself.  

The first question asked was, “What is your favorite medium of art and why?” and she responded with, “My favorite is acrylic. In sixth grade that is what I used for my first painting. I can express myself and be messy.” The second question she was asked is “When did you become interested in art?” She responded with “I don’t even remember, I’ve just been drawing since I was a kid and never stopped.” 

The third question she was asked is, “What is one thing that you want to accomplish? In general?” and she responded with, “ I really want to make an animated movie, I at least want to make a half of a movie.” The fourth question she was asked is, “What are your plans after highschool?” “I really want to go to BYU since it has the top animation programs but if I can’t, I will go to a locational school, possibly in France and do lots of paintings.” 

The fifth question that was asked, “What is something that you would do if it wasn’t art?” and she said, “Probably cooking, I really like to cook and it  is kinda like art.” Lastly she was asked “What is something that you want to do before highschool is over?” and she responded with “I want to do a mural here at the school. Art club is trying to do one but we will see.” Asha inspires others to work hard and shows people that everything is possible as long as you try hard and do your best.