Thirty-Seven Years Teaching

Mr. Burningham Enters His 37th Year of Teaching

By: Emily Memmott

 Mr. Bruce Burningham is the ceramics teacher at Snow Canyon. This is his seventh year here at SCHS, which puts him at a whopping 37 years of teaching! He has previously taught at Fremont High school, Roy high school, Bonneville High school, and a few others 

He decided he wanted to become a teacher out of high school going into college. He explained how his family is full of teachers, so being a teacher runs in his family. He went to not one, but three colleges. He attended Snow College, Weber State University, and then BYU for his masters. He studied physical education and sport, along with art.

His passion was art, so he took his career that way.

He has made too many projects to count. He estimates he has made thousands of projects over the years, which is incredible. With this skill, he likes to go around to different places and sell his works of art.

After asking if he was given the chance to change his profession, he said, “I think money wise I would have continued differently and been a veterinarian (because he loves animals). But because education is a really good thing, it’s been a great help to me and I think, hopefully, to young people too. So would I change it? If I was going back and looking at the money thing, I wouldn’t change it now because it’s been so good to me.” 

Outside of school Burningham has many other interests.  He’s a general contractor as well as working with real estate. He loves nature and science, he enjoys playing golf, and watching athletics with his kids and grandkids.

  Mr. Burningham has many goals as a teacher, he explained, “My goal is to help kids realize they can be successful at a lot of things. What they learn in my classroom,  I’m not gonna make a potter out of them, but they learn self discipline, how to overcome trials, and some hard things they feel are hard, but are nothing compared to the hard things they are going to face later on. So I’m just teaching them to accomplish, give themselves worth, feel good about accomplishing some difficult things and… solve some problems.”

Mr. Burningham has been doing ceramics since he was a sophomore in high school. With that in mind, and his 37 years of teaching experience, I think it’s safe to say that he knows what he’s doing. He loves to help students with not only ceramics but with other things in life. If you are interested in learning a new skill and becoming more independent, take ceramics!