High School.. Then What?

Students Can Choose What To Do After High School

By: Emily Memmott, Vivian Rubio, and Ashton Andersen

Everyone is familiar with the saying, “Time flies.” There are many things to do after high school, but most people don’t know what they should do. Some students go to college, or take a year off to save up for college, while other students are likely to go somewhere such as studying abroad or traveling.

College is a great option after high school. Going to college will help people get out of their comfort zones, earn more money, gain new skills, and expand career options. According to the SSA (Social Security Association), high school grads make between 5 hundred thousand dollars to $1 million in their lifetime while college grads make up to $3 million in their lifetime.

College is the perfect time for people to break out of their shells. It’s a fresh start for many people, with new faces and new opportunities. If one is normally shy at school, college is a way to be more outgoing. It gives an opportunity for all to make more and new friends. College is a place meant to teach skills in which the students plan on using in their desired career field. It is also where teens and young adults first learn to live on their own and provide for themselves. 

Studying abroad is also an option for what to do after high school.The time between the end of high school and before college is the perfect time. According to buildabroad.org, there are a lot of programs where students could study abroad and still get credits toward the degree that students may be working on. Gap Year is a very unique selection provided by EF. There are two tour lengths provided. A Gap Semester, which is 12 weeks long, and a Gap Year, which is 25 weeks long. In the Gap Semester the EF offers options to choose from to customize each trip. The options, such as language learning community service, and work internships, are all specifically designed to provide experience. 

Traveling is another choice for a post-high school option.Traveling after high school is a great choice for students who might not get another chance to travel later in life. Students could travel the places where they study and will be able to experience different cultures and different languages. Students are also exposed to many different career opportunities, such as teaching English. Traveling would help people get more experience with different things with different people even if they don’t share the same language. This could help people if they want to travel the world right after school, or maybe if they don’t not have time to travel later in life. 

While traveling and becoming immersed in a culture can teach people something they cannot learn in a classroom, when a person graduates college, their options for a career are broadly widened. In a gap year students could also use this time to get ready for college or university. The options one is offered after high school are almost endless.