Snow Canyon Baseball Steps Up To The Plate

Snow Canyon Baseball Steps Up To The Plate

By: Elianna Hernandez, Grace Henke, Liliana Ortega, Stewart Dunford

The 2019 Snow Canyon High School Baseball team, consists of twenty-five varsity players. “Last year was a great season,” according to Reed Secrist, SCHS head baseball coach, “we won 26 and lost 5 which was a ‘good’ record.” The SCHS baseball team always seems to string together these ‘good’ seasons. The hope is this year will be no different.

However, every season is different and brings new and unique challenges. When asked about challenges the team is currently facing, Secrist responded, “I think just trying to kind of find their own identity, because a lot of them didn’t really play much last year,” because last year was a senior-heavy team. Of course many of this year’s players received valuable time on the junior varsity team, but this is the first year of experience for many players at the varsity level. Coach Secrist also says that because of the success of last year’s team, this year the team’s expectations are much higher, which adds a new dynamic to the challenge of the season.

Secrist also discussed the newness of the Varsity team explaining that being on the varsity team is different than being on lower-level teams. First of all the team plays at night, so adjusting to all of the variables that come with night games are challenges. Things like the weather, temperature, or losing a ball in the lights are all different experiences for varsity players. Then there’s the crowd. The varsity crowds are much bigger than the jv crowds. This does make the games more exciting but can also add a layer of nerves that most players do not experience.

Over the past couple of years the Warriors biggest threat has been Desert Hills High School, but this year Secrist says the Warriors face an even bigger opponent. “I think it’s kind of ourselves” he goes on the explain that the team’s biggest challenger is the mental aspect of the game. The team needs to develop confidence in each other’s abilities in order to be successful. This isn’t just feel-good talk from the coach of the program either, Coach Secrist really believes in these guys. “The team has a good shot at a state championship win this year,” Secrist states in all seriousness.

However, becoming a champion is not something that just happens to people. It takes a lot of hard work. The players seem to know this because they are not simply waiting for the championship game, they are making plans on how to get better even as the season is underway. Cade Guerisoli, center fielder, is making sure to do all he can to help the team. He is planning on hitting the weight room throughout the season to get stronger, so he can hit the ball harder. Brock Secrist, pitcher and infielder, explains that the guys on the team are focused on much more than individual accolades, they’re all about the team, “we’re all team players, so we do the best we can to have our team win.”

When asked the big question, how is the team going to make it to state this year, Guerisoli stuck out with a surprisingly honest and self-aware answer. He said, “we might lose a few games, but if we just stick together and do our best, I think we have the best chance at taking state.” In conclusion, if the Warriors can stick together to overcome the ups and downs of the season, and remain focused on the ultimate goal of a state championship, the possibilities are endless! There will undoubtedly be bumps in the road, but that’s part of what makes sports great, they teach us to try again each time we fail.

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