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Welcome warriors to some of the most important years of your life. To you, sophomores welcome to the big leagues. To you seniors, welcome to the final stretch. To you juniors, welcome to Parker’s Class. Every year, the exec Council picks a theme. This name also serves as the schools battle cry, and the carbon footprint of each year. It goes on the school shirts, the website, and even on some people’s cars. To say the least, it’s very important.

Some themes like Warrior Legacy favor leaving a path, while other themes like In The Moment and Seize The Day focus in the present, the day ahead. So we thought, what the heck! Why not both?

Will of a Warrior.

It should be a warriors will to focus on the future; to do things that will encourage a path into success. The beautiful part of this theme is that it also focuses on the past. Similar to how after a person passes and they leave a will, this year we intend to leave behind our own legacy while also celebrating what has made our school so amazing in the past.

We will focus on the future, we won’t neglect the past.

Warriors, let’s make this the best year that we can. Let’s attend games and cheer on our teams, let’s go hard at dances, let’s knock these classes out of the park, let’s make friends with everyone, and let’s see where we can go.

This won’t be a good year; this will be a great year.

We don’t have great students; we have the best students.

We may not have a field yet, but ours will be the best.

Let’s get this year like Mr. Jones explains Ionic Bonds,

Let’s make this year as great as the Jazz Band songs,

Let’s enjoy this year like Kunde enjoys solving equations,

Or enjoy it as much as Rarick likes explaining persuasion.

Let’s get this year same as Redfearn likes discussing his feelings,

And let’s live true to our theme and keep our warriors willing.

Let’s make this year so great that every student will say,

“It’s great to be a Warrior, every day.”
– Student Body President Abe Lamoreaux